Daily Update 25/06/2020


Rebecca Long Bailey has been sacked from her position as shadow education secretary after retweeting an article which critics alleged espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. The article, an interview with the Mancunian actor Maxime Peake, has lead to controversy because in it Peake stated that American police had learned their tactics from “seminars with Israeli secret services”. 

Thousands of people have ignored social distancing guidelines in Bournemouth today, leading to packed beaches forcing the local council to declare a major incident. In Brixton, police were called to disperse a party and were met by resistance by locals who threw projectiles at officers, forcing them to retreat. 

The total death toll as a result of Coronavirus now stands at 43,230, an increase of 149 as of today. 

Daily Update 24/06/2020


The Housing Secretary, Robert Jernick, has come under fire for granting planning permission for a £1 billion property scheme two weeks before the developer donated £12,000 to the Conservative Party. Leaked document reveal that Jernick knew that the property tycoon Richard Desmond had only 24 hours to have the development approved by the council before new community charges that would have cost the developer £45 million. The Labour Party have called for an enquiry into the affair. 

Daily Update 22/06/2020


The total deaths as a result Coronavirus now stands at 42,647, an increase of 15 as of today. For the first time since the peak the number of positive cases is below 1,000, at 958. In the daily briefing Matt Hancock stated that these positive figures show that the government has made good progress with their attempts to combat the virus. 

Hancock, alongside the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, also announced changes to the Government’s shielding guidelines for vulnerable people. Dr Jenny Harries set forward a two-step plan for the loosening of social distancing guidelines for people that have been asked to shield themselves from the wider public. 

From 6 July people that are shielding can meet with groups of up to six people outdoors. People living alone can also form support bubbles with another household and sleep over if they chose to. 

From 1 August people will be able to return to work and attending public gatherings. 

In the coming days the Health Secretary will write to everyone that has been asked to shield to give them information on how these changes will affect them. Centrally provided medical and food deliveries for people that have been asked to shield will stop on 1 July. Money has also been made available to local councils to help people struggling to pay bills and buy food. 

Daily Update 18/06/2020


The total deaths as a result of Coronavirus now stand at 42,288, an increase of 135 as of today. Public Health England published a report stating that for the first time since mid-March the number of people who have died is no higher than what is normal during this time of the year. 

The Government has received criticising for their inability to develop a nationwide track and trace app. In the daily Coronavirus briefing Matt Hancock stated that the Government’s search for a working track and trace app has been hindered by its incompatibility Apple software. 

Daily Update 12/06/2020


Police have imposed restrictions on all demonstrations in London this weekend. The new restrictions, which require public assemblies to end before 5pm, apply to Black Lives Matter protests as well as left- and right-wing groups that have notified the Government about arranging demonstrations. 

The total deaths as a result of Coronavirus now stands at 41,481, an increase of 202 as of today. 

In the daily briefing Grant Shapps drew attention to the Government’s plans to invest in renewable energy for transport. The Transport Secretary stated that it was the Government’s aim to develop renewable sources of energy in the aviation industry within a generation.  

Daily Update 11/06/2020


The economy shrunk by 20.4% in April during lockdown. This is the biggest ever monthly fall in economic activity in the UK. 

Relatives of 450 people who have died as a result of Coronavirus have asked the government to launch a public enquiry into whether these deaths could have been prevented. 

The total death toll as a result of Coronavirus now stands at 41,279, an increase of 151 as of today. In the daily briefing Matt Hancock again stressed that people should not attend public gatherings and demonstrations with more than six people.

Daily Update 08/06/2020


In the daily briefing Matt Hancock announced that the number of deaths with Coronavirus listed as a cause was 55, the lowest figure since the start of the lockdown. The total death toll now stands at 40,597. Hancock warned that numbers do tend to be lower over the weekend but assured the public that the low figure does suggest that the pandemic is under control. 

The number of excess deaths recorded by the ONS since the start of the pandemic are 64,000. This figure includes deaths directly attributed to Coronavirus, deaths probably caused by Coronavirus, even if not listed as such, and deaths caused by the wider consequences of the crisis. 

Daily Update 03/06/2020


The total death toll as a result of Coronavirus now stands at 39,728, an increase of 359 as of today. 

In the daily briefing the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, urged anyone with symptoms to apply for a test at www.nhs.uk/coronavirus, as soon as they develop symptoms. Johnson also announced that anyone arriving in the UK from abroad will be asked to isolate for 14-days.  

The Government’s report into BAME deaths as a result of Coronavirus has led to controversy after third-party submissions were left out of the Government’s commissioned report. Organisations such as the Muslim Council of Britain have expressed dismay at the lack of inclusion of their suggestions to tackle racism and discrimination in the NHS. 

Daily Update 01/06/2020


1,570 Coronavirus cases have been confirmed as of yesterday, the lowest since 25 March. The total death toll as a result of Coronavirus now stands at 39,045, an increase of 111 as of today. 

In the daily briefing Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, stated that this trend suggests that the UK government is making significant progress with combating the virus. 

According to a new survey, more than half of parents are planning to keep their children at home, despite primary schools being open to more pupils from Today. Schools across the country are trialing new measures, such as reducing class sizes to 15, to deal with Coronavirus. 

Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU are still undergoing. The deadline for the UK to request an extension for up to two years is the end of June.

Daily Update 26/05/2020


The total deaths as a result of Coronavirus now stands at 37,048 as of today, an increase of 134. For the first time since March there were zero deaths recorded in Northern Ireland. Nationwide this week has seen the lowest number of Coronavirus deaths in six weeks. 

Over the weekend it was alleged by several newspapers that Dominic Cummings, a key advisor to the Prime Minister, had broken the rules of the quarantine and travelled do Durham to visit his family between 27 March and 14 April. In a statement on Monday Cummings denied breaking the conditions of the lockdown, claiming that his decision to travel to Durham to care for his four-year-old child was a response to what he perceived to be “exceptional circumstances.” By travelling to Durham, Cummings claimed that, he was exercising his “personal judgement” within the guidelines of the lockdown in response to exceptional circumstances. 

In response to Cumming’s refusal to apologise for his actions several Conservative MPs have resigned from their positions and called for the Prime Minister’s adviser’s resignation.